Air Automation & Data Acquisition Systems
Compressed air auditors are required to test and analyze the condition, efficiency, and operating requirements of compressed air systems on a daily basis. So, what would happen if the industry’s most experienced and trusted auditors designed an automation system to maximize the efficiency of this broad array of compressors and system configurations? This is the heritage N2O2 Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System.

Product Features
  • Compatible with any brand or type of compressor at any pressure
  • Controls centrifugals, dry or lubricated screws, reciprocating, high or low pressures
  • Interfaces to and controls any existing compressor control type or vintage
  • Eliminates the costs of compressor control upgrades
  • Controls multiple system pressures on a single platform
  • Manage multiple complex systems with one automation platform
  • Compatible with pressure flow controllers or load sharing system management
  • Allows flexibility to manage each system in the most efficient manner
  • Exclusive Cell Modem remote support by N2O2 compressed air professionals
  • Eliminates the need to compromise the facility network for remote access
  • Provides Ethernet ports for connection to plant network

Automation Hardware

The standard N2O2 Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System hardware includes:
  • A Main Panel that houses the processor, 19” color touch screen ,power supply, analog inputs, communication master, and all other related connection hardware.
  • An Interface for each compressor includes communications slave, connection hardware, and remote I/O for control and feedback interface to the compressor.
  • A Cell Modem Router which allows N2O2 technicians to monitor and support the system on line without interfacing or impacting the plant’s network. This modem can also be used by plant or corporate personnel to monitor the system remotely.
  • Instrumentation as desired to monitor and manage the system including flow, power, pressure, dewpoint, temperatures, etc.
  • Optional Remote I/O panel can be provided to collect additional information from the plant that is not available from automation logic or to collect data from other plant facility systems such as boilers, chillers, or cooling towers.

N2O2 Sample Audit Report
  • Download for free a sample comprehensive audit report to see what you will learn from an N2O2 System Audit.

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N2O2 Energy Calculators
Application Audits
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Printing & Paper Mills
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal, Steel, & Aluminum
  • Medical
  • Power & Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Petroleum