How to Keep Industrial Air Compressor Parts From Overheating

The summer months can be extremely hot, which means that machines and equipment will be prone to extra heat. The same applies to compressors and industrial air compressor parts as well. They can experience overheating if not looked after properly. There are several factors that can cause compressors to overheat, which primarily include poor maintenance, ageing compressors, inadequate ventilation, and high room temperature.

How to identify if industrial air compressor parts are overheated

How does one know that your air compressor or its parts are overheated? There are many signs that one can watch out for, especially if the equipment displays unusual characteristics. The most common indicators include your machine not starting or giving trouble during start-up. Another possible warning could be when your machine needs longer rest periods between each cycle. Or if it becomes slower in achieving its peak operational capacity. One of the others signs to look for is unusual noises.

Irrespective of the sign you first notice, it’s important that you prevent your industrial air compressors from overheating. So, how can you do this? Rather than waiting to have to cool down your compressor when it overheats, it is better that you invest time and effort to prevent overheating in the first place. Here are the three ways you can do that.

Improve ventilation

Ventilation is very important in avoiding overheating. You need to see to it that the vents in your compressor are clean. Apart from checking the internal ventilation in the machine, make sure that the room in which the compressor is set up is also well-ventilated.

Check lubrication

Oils are vital to prevent the heat levels of your compressor from getting elevated. This is because lubricants also act as coolants, so check them regularly to ensure that the oil levels are up to the mark.  

Schedule regular maintenance

This is the best way to prevent overheating because it will help you make sure that all industrial air compressor parts and accessories are working fine.

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