Air Automation & Data Acquisition System

Our experienced auditors are required to test and analyze the condition, efficiency, and operating requirements of compressed air systems daily. As a result, our auditors have designed an automation system to maximize the efficiency of various compressors and system configurations. This system is the heritage of N2O2   Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System.

Product Features

  • Compatible screw with any brand or type of compressor at any pressure
  • Controls centrifugal, dry or lubricated screws, reciprocating, high or low pressures
  • Interfaces to and controls any existing  compressor control type or vintage
  • Eliminates the costs of compressor control upgrades
  • Controls multiple system pressures on a single platform 
  • Manage multiple complex systems with one automation platform
  • Compatible with pressure flow controllers or load sharing system management
  • Allows flexibility to manage each system in the most efficient manner
  • Exclusive Cell Modem remote support by N2O2 compressed air professionals
  • Eliminates the need to compromise the facility network for remote access
  • Provides Ethernet ports for connection to plant network

Automation Hardware

Our standard Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System hardware includes:

More About Air Automation & Data Acquisition Systems

Our Data Acquisition software runs in a discreetly partitioned Windows XP environment, thereby making it easy to interface and provide all recorded data to virtually any plant DCS or MIS software. This includes Wonderware, Intellution, RS View, etc. Our exclusive Cell Modem technology enables iZ’s compressed air experts to maintain long-term peak performance in the system. Moreover, our Data Acquisition software is easily expandable and scalable, allowing it to serve as the backbone for a plant-wide data system covering all facility equipment such as chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, etc. We offer online demonstrations of this capability upon request.