Review, Repair, Renew: The Three R’s of Industrial Air Compressor Maintenance

Companies need to remember just three R’s to ensure they have a properly working industrial air compressor. Poorly maintained air compressors are costly and extremely damaging to your existing systems.In today’s blog, we will go over the three R’s needed to make sure your systems stay in tip-top shape.


Your industrial air compressor works its hardest every day to deliver the best results for your operational needs. Therefore, it’s highly likely wearing out a few parts and functionalities daily.

Thus, a quick post-workday review can give you an idea of its energy consumption and detect possible air leaks. Plus, you can analyze your system’s existing performance. System reviews also reveal whether your existing machines have enough power to aid your operations. Here are a few steps to undertake regularly:

• System Outline
• Energy Monitoring
• Compressed Air Performance
• Previous Maintenance Comparison
• Leaks


The strain your industrial air compressor experiences can result in damage to several parts and components of your industrial air compressor. Therefore, you’ll need professionals to inspect and analyze your systems for possible damages. The Review stage can help greatly in reducing progressive damages that lead to air leaks and broken pipes. You can mediate minor damages during that stage. However, you’ll need to go through the Repair stage if there’s detrimental damage. Here are some potential industrial air compressor parts you need to keep an eye on:

• Pipes
• Air Leaks
• Oil Leaks
• Condensate Drains
• Oil Water Separators
• All Filters


Lastly, you must renew your industrial air compressor parts and components whenever possible. Old air compressors might require a full replacement due to impractical performance. Damage to the following parts may warrant the need for replacements:

• Coolers
• Desiccant Dryers
• Controls
• Sensors

Get the Best Maintenance Team on the Job

You won’t need to handle the maintenance scheduling and monitoring if you have professional air compressor technicians on the job. Businesses can always count on us at Air Energy for all their air compressor maintenance, installation, and repair needs.